JBA 2.0

The next generation of banking

Attracting and retaining new talent in the industry

Three years ago, the Jersey Bankers Association added a new committee to its range of committees and sector-specific focus groups. JBA 2.0 represents the ‘next generation’ of the banking industry in Jersey and is comprised of younger representatives of the JBA member banks. The JBA 2.0’s main remits are to:

  • Consider and form a collective view on relevant legislation, regulation and banking issues that arise in respect of, and impact, Jersey banking groups
  • Consider and form a collective view on matters delegated to it by the JBA from time to time
  • Generate relevant projects / discussion topics from time to time with permission of the JBA
  • Have a presence and input at all JBA sub committees.


Previous projects and topics considered have included; Fintech and the use of data, research of various ‘Smart Islands’ and how to attract and retain young talent in the Jersey banking industry.