About us

The JBA is the professional association of licensed
banks in Jersey

JBA membership encompasses all banks in Jersey, including UK clearing banks, private banks and a range of international banking groups. 

Our role

Contributing to a sound
and efficient operating framework for banking
in Jersey

Our extensive expertise and competence enables us to maintain effective
dialogue with the Jersey Financial Services Commission, Jersey Finance
Limited and the Government of Jersey in all matters that concern
the banking sector.

Through our various committees, the JBA acts as a skilled consultative body for a wide range of topics including regulation, legislation, tax, risk and product development.

We are committed to ensuring optimum operating conditions for our industry which allow for effective competition, development and success both locally and internationally.

As the island’s professional body for the banking industry, we seek to contribute to upholding Jersey’s position as a leading international finance centre.

The future
of banking

Education and training within the banking industry is important to us.

As a professional organisation, we are committed to supporting a strong banking centre for Jersey, which includes the creation of high quality employment within the banking sector.

We work closely with Jersey Finance Limited and other professional bodies to ensure that effective training is in place, reinforcing the infrastructure of the banking industry and promoting its growth.