Representing Jersey’s
banking industry

A connected professional community, committed to ensuring a strong
and effective banking centre for Jersey.
About us

Welcome to the
professional association
of Jersey’s banking sector

The Jersey Bankers Association (JBA) represents the position of Jersey banks and
bankers, supporting open and constructive dialogues with government and regulators to shape a strong, efficient and responsible banking sector for the island.

As an industry body, we collaborate closely with policymakers, regulators and other stakeholders on legislation and regulation, contributing to ensuring the best possible
operating conditions for Jersey’s financial centre.

JBA Committee

The JBA Committee is led by senior representatives from our bank membership and has oversight of all JBA operations. The Committee meets each month, with committee members elected by Association members.

Our framework

JBA Sub Committees
and Working Groups

Our sub committees are set up to identify and address topical issues, themes or
trends in the financial industry, promoting the exchange of information and insights
with members and other stakeholders with the aim of shaping a strong and efficient
financial sector for Jersey.

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